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Cannabis Beverage Association Cheers Liquor Store Chain Embracing THC Drinks

Spec's will begin carrying Pamos Cannabis Cocktails & Spirits.

Pamos Specs
Cannabis Beverage Association

The Cannabis Beverage Association celebrates Spec's, one of the country's largest liquor retailers, bringing Delta 9 THC beverage brands to store shelves with Pamos Cannabis Cocktails & Spirits.

"As consumers look to mix in alcohol alternatives to their cart, Spec's is meeting that demand by bringing in a diverse group of brands from the emerging Delta 9 THC category," said Lisa Rydman-Lindsey, third-generation owner of Spec's. "Pamos stood out because of their strong brand, diverse product offering, and their commitment to partner with us at retail to support consumer trial and adoption."

Diana Eberlein, Chair of the Cannabis Beverage Association, praised Spec's for their visionary approach to the evolving landscape of beverages. "Bringing Delta 9 THC beverages to Spec's is a big step forward in the normalization and acceptance of cannabis-infused beverages. Spec's and Pamos are demonstrating how THC beverages can seamlessly coexist with traditional alcohol offerings at mainstream retailers."

Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC versions of both Pamos Spirit and ready-to-drink Pamos Spritz canned cocktails are rolling out at more than 200 Spec's Wine, Spirits & Foods locations in Texas which will include category endcaps and standalone brand product displays. The partnership will be supported by local market activations grounded in product and consumer education.

"Partnering with Spec's helps not just Pamos, but our entire industry by shaping how cannabis beverages can be a key innovation at retail." said David Mukpo, Pamos CEO & Co-Founder. "With best-in-class partners such as Spec's and the CBA, we know this is just the beginning as we all work to shape the future of adult beverages."

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