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Falcon, Maven Partner with Third-Party Cannabis Fulfillment Platform Nabis

Nabis provides access to third-party management tools like Nabis Marketplace and Nabis Capital.

Nabis Logo 1

California cannabis companies Falcon and Maven announced agreements with the leading third-party fulfillment platform Nabis.

Nabis provides access to third-party management tools like Nabis Marketplace and Nabis Capital, which provide sales insights, wholesale ordering and financial resources to facilitate consistent cash flow. As demand for broader statewide distribution channels increases, expansions to new markets are also on the horizon for many California players.

“California’s market holds some of the most sought-after cannabis brands in the industry, and these recent additions to our platform speak to a greater market need for robust third-party fulfillment models, like ours, designed to service an ever-changing, evolving industry,” said Brian Dewey, VP of Revenue of Nabis. “Our goal at Nabis is to offer a suite of resources that eliminate common operational pain points, amplify our partners’ existing success, and support their future growth into new markets. We're honored to be adding such vital players like Falcon and Maven, among many others, to our ecosystem.”

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