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Mike Tyson's Cannabis Brand Eyes Expansion in the UK, Germany

PHCANN will cultivate, manufacture and distribute TYSON 2.0 branded THC products.

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Tyson 2.0

TYSON 2.0, Mike Tyson's cannabis brand, and Carma HoldCo Inc announced they have teamed up with PHCANN International (PHCANN), a multinational pharmaceutical company, to exclusively cultivate, manufacture and distribute TYSON 2.0 branded THC products such as flower, concentrates and consumables across Germany and the United Kingdom (UK).

"This is a pivotal moment in the progress of the industry in Europe. We embrace this opportunity as many countries look toward regulatory changes. To partner with the TYSON 2.0 brand and join forces as well-respected industry leaders puts us in a position where we can lead the charge in pushing industry boundaries," said PHCANN International CEO Sasho Stefanoski.

"This venture marks a significant milestone in our mission to expand our global presence and provide quality products to consumers worldwide. With the TYSON 2.0 brand, we are excited to partner with PHCANN because of its track record of pushing the boundaries in European and other international markets and operating at a level above the current standard. By joining forces, we can deliver transformative experiences to medical cannabis consumers in Germany and the UK while leveraging our cultural influence to make a meaningful impact on the market," said Carma HoldCo CEO Adam Wilks.

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