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Organigram Launches Hash Rip Strips

It features 10 pre-cut strips of hash.


Organigram announced the launch of SHRED X Rip-Strip Hash, a botanical terpene-infused hash with 10 pre-cut strips of hash available in a 2g format.

SHRED X Rip-Strip Hash is an extension of the company’s SHRED product portfolio, which includes SHRED pre-milled flower, SHRED Jar of Joints, SHRED’ems gummies and SHRED X Vapes.

“With this launch, we aim to provide consumers with an easy-to-use, flavorful and high potency hash experience. SHRED X Rip-Strip Hash makes it easy to roll your own hash-infused pre-rolls or spice up your bong or pipe bowls with its flavor-forward and convenient hash Rip Strips,” says Eric Williams, Senior Director of Marketing at Organigram.

“The future of cannabis isn’t just about THC potency, it’s about listening, evaluating and then innovating based on consumer preferences and unmet needs.” says Borna Zlamalik, Senior Vice President, R&D and Innovation at Organigram. “SHRED X Rip-Strip Hash is one such innovation; it is a proprietary product, using state-of-the-art techniques that were developed with the goal to re-introduce a product with a millennia of history to consumers. We believe our new take on Hash has the potential to revolutionize the way this category is consumed.”

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