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Winterize, Purify and Remove Pesticides

Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography replaces winterization and distillation with a 15-minute process.

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MPLC replaces winterization and distillation with a 15 minute process. The majority of fungicides and pesticides are also removed.

Process up to 6.0 kg/hr with the Interchim 800 and 1.6 kg/hr with the 420 โ€” 80% potency with 80% yield is achieved with ease and reproducibility.

In one example, a 400-gram sample spiked with fungicides and pesticides was loaded on the Interchim 420. At four minutes, the UV diode array detector detected the cannabinoids and collected a 1.8 liter fraction. The fraction was rotavapped to a mass of 318 grams with 81.84% total cannabinoid content.

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