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Shear Processing System

Produce high-quality, water-soluble nanoemulsions.

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Pressure BioSciences

The BaroShear K45 System utilizes our proprietary Ultra Shear Technology platform to effectively produce high-quality, water-soluble nanoemulsions of CBD Oil.

The BaroShear K45 features a unique, custom-designed, highly efficient ultra-high pressure generator subsystem to produce reproducible pressure levels up to 45,000 psi. The BaroShear K45 has a maximum throughput capacity of approximately 1 liter per hour. The platform is also well suited for processing small (20 mL minimum) to moderate volumes of high value CBD Oil to nanoemulsion levels with minimal loss during production.

Custom designed key components include:

  • UHP Generator Subsystem: Ideal for small volume processing.
  • BaroIsolator. Keeps product from entering pump, simplifies flow path, eliminates processing loss, and improves cleanliness.
  • NanoGap Valve: Improves process uniformity and scalability by active flow throttling and integrated temperature control.
  • Temperature Control: Built in temperature control before, during, and after shear disruption for maximum product quality and effectiveness.
  • Full Data Acquisition: Easy to use touch screen control and GMP-ready record keeping system.

The UST platform utilizes ultra-high pressure to create intense, instantaneous liquid shear under controlled conditions to generate ultrafine dispersions of nanoemulsified CBD Oil for infusion into beverages, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other products. PBI’s patented BaroIsolator prevents CBD Oil from entering the pump of the custom-built, UHP generator subsystem. This results in a high level of cleanliness and pressure processing stability.

The patented NanoGap valve then transforms the pressure energy into shear energy to produce nanoscale mixtures (i.e., nanoemulsions) of otherwise immiscible fluids (like CBD Oil in water), leading to longer product stability and greater solubility.

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