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Michigan Chamber Supports State's Cannabis Safety Act

The legislation could make the state a national leader in cannabis safety.


The Michigan Chamber of Commerce on Monday expressed its strong support of bipartisan legislation to improve safety and ensure fairness in Michigan's growing cannabis industry.

The Michigan Cannabis Safety Act (House Bills 5300-5302) will help Michigan become a national leader in cannabis safety and testing by requiring cannabis growers be licensed and require testing, tracking and labeling of cannabis products to promote safety.

"Michigan voters changed the landscape when they chose to legalize both recreational and medical cannabis," said Rich Studley, President and CEO for the Michigan Chamber. "Now, as the industry matures in Michigan, policy makers should focus on ensuring Michigan is a national leader when it comes to cannabis safety and innovation."

The Michigan Cannabis Safety Act creates a new Specialty Medical Grower license for Unlicensed Marijuana Growers, frequently referred to as caregivers. Right now, caregivers are not required to test, track or label patient product and cannot sell their extra marijuana. The bipartisan legislation would still allow unlicensed growers to grow for themselves and one patient without a license.

"The Michigan Cannabis Safety Act will help bring the huge illicit market into the regulated system to ensure all cannabis products sold in Michigan are safe, tested, labeled and taxed," said Wendy Block, Vice President of Business Advocacy and Member Engagement for the Michigan Chamber. "Michigan's cannabis industry is currently at a crossroads and now is the time to ensure all cannabis providers follow the same rules and standards like testing, tracking and licensing to promote safety, fairness and a level playing field."

"All cannabis products should be rigorously tested to ensure product quality and safety and the Michigan Cannabis Safety Act makes that a top priority," continued Block.

"We urge the Legislature to enact this bipartisan legislation without delay," concluded Block. "There's no better time than the present to improve the safety of Michigan's cannabis industry so we can unleash the potential of cannabis to create jobs, investment and opportunities."

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