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Ryah Secures License for Smart Medical Inhaler System

Health Canada licensed the company’s IoT-powered cannabis inhaler, cartridges and software.

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TORONTO — Ryah Group Inc. announced Tuesday that its subsidiary Ryah Medtech, Inc. has received a Health Canada medical device license for its proprietary Internet of Things-powered medical cannabis inhaler, cartridges and software.

Health Canada license no. 107475 allows Ryah to market its Smart Medical Inhaler System to medical patients in Canada and potentially represents a significant boost to Ryah’s growth strategy. According to Stats Canada, there are over 290,000 active, federally registered cannabis patients, while nearly 8 million Canadians (one in every four citizens) live with chronic pain. Insurance reimbursement and various provincial programs such as the Ontario Disability Support Program are designed to reduce or potentially fully cover the cost of purchasing cannabis delivery solutions that are certified under a medical device license.

“The approval from Health Canada recognizing the Ryah Smart Inhaler System as a medical device is a major step towards achieving our global medical device footprint,” said Ryah CEO Gregory Wagner. “Once again, certification for both our software and hardware puts us in a unique position to provide objective data analytics which is critical for developing highly personalized cannabis therapies. We expect the Health Canada MDL will aid Ryah's efforts to obtain additional country specific-certifications, including New Zealand, Australia and beyond.”

The Ryah Smart Inhaler is a volume-management device for dry-herb plant based formulations. Paired with a proprietary software application, it allows users to control their session regimen, register their usage, and voluntarily provide anonymous data that can further be analyzed and used for regulatory improvements, research and awareness.

Ryah recently announced its Ryah Smart Inhaler received medical device certification under ISO 13485:2016/MDSAP and EN ISO 13485:2016 directives. The company also announced that it received a notice of allowance on utility patent for its Smart Medical Inhaler System.

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