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California Officials Propose Comprehensive Regulatory Changes

The agency aims to streamline and simplify the state's cannabis regulations.

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SACRAMENTO — The Department of Cannabis Control on Friday released a comprehensive regulatory proposal to make changes to streamline and simplify the cannabis regulations, enhance consumer protections and make permanent changes that are currently in effect as emergency regulations.

The proposal is a continuation of efforts by the administration and DCC to refine and strengthen the cannabis regulatory framework.

The release is the first step in the regular rule-making process and begins a 45-day public comment period. Read the proposed regulations and rule-making documents.

“This proposal is a direct result of DCC’s engagement with stakeholders and the thoughtful feedback received through letters, conversations, meetings and previous rule-making processes,” said DCC Director Nicole Elliott. “We are deeply committed to creating a cannabis regulatory structure that works for all Californians, including California’s cannabis industry, consumers and communities.”

list of the proposed changes is available on the DCC website. These include:

  • Requirements for use of Appellations of Origin
  • Removal of a requirement for distributors to carry printed copies of test results
  • Continued allowance of curbside pickup at retail
  • Allowance for limited, pre-packaged food and beverages to be sold at consumption lounges
  • Allowance for distributors to use portions of their vehicle to fulfill transport container requirements
  • Restrictions on ingredients used in inhaled cannabis products
  • Prohibition of products that would otherwise be considered medical devices or over-the-counter drugs, such as nasal sprays, eye drops and metered-dose inhalers

DCC launched a series of online resources today to assist the public with understanding the steps and timeline required for regular rule-makinghow to share feedback on the proposed changes, and a template that can be used to submit public comments. DCC also held a webinar on Thursday, March 3, with information about the rule-making process and a high-level preview of proposed regulatory changes.

The webinar slide deck is available on the DCC website and a recording can be viewed on the DCC YouTube page. It is anticipated that the proposed regulations will become effective in fall 2022, if approved.

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