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Mich. Warns License Holders Against Increased Fraud

The incidents have had some common themes.

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Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) on Friday issued a bulletin notifying licensed cannabis businesses about an increase in fraudulent activity. Over the last two months, the CRA has become aware of an increase in fraudulent or attempted fraudulent activity against licensees.

The incidents have had some common themes. For example, some licensees have been contacted by phone or text message by an individual seeking to place a substantial order of cannabis or cannabis product on behalf of a license. The individual is often knowledgeable about how to place an order and even provides a license number associated with a licensed marijuana business to place the order.

However, when the secure transporter arrives, the location of the delivery is not a licensed marijuana business.

The CRA encouraged licensees to have staff verify call or text validity with a manager or owner before processing any orders. The CRA also recommends licensees verify the delivery address for any order and make sure that it is associated with a licensed location.

Licensees and applicants in Michigan are required to notify the CRA and local law enforcement within 24 hours of becoming aware of the theft or loss of any product or criminal activity at the cannabis business.

Fraudulent activity can be reported to [email protected].

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