Mich. Suspends, Fines House of Mary Jane

An unannounced visit uncovered multiple bags, backpacks and duffle bags of unidentified cannabis products.

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Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) today ordered a 30-day suspension of The House of Mary Jane's license for running a medical marijuana provisioning center. The company also has to pay a $75,000 fine.

On May 19, 2021, Michigan's Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) conducted an unannounced compliance visit at The House of Mary Jane's provisioning center and observed multiple bags, backpacks and duffle bags of suspected marijuana products that did not have a tracking identification number assigned by the state's METRC monitoring system.

The company was advised not to sell or destroy the untagged products until the investigation was completed. The MRA also asked The House of Mary Jane to provide 30 days of video surveillance coverage as required by administrative rule. The company failed to provide the video, however the MRA was able to view 30 days of surveillance recordings during the visit.  

On May 25, 2021, the MRA returned to the facility and inquired about the untagged products, company representatives said the products were destroyed with motor oil and removed by Waste Management. The company was unable to provide video of the product destruction. 

The House of Mary Jane recently signed a consent order from the CRA. By signing the order, the company resolves the complaint, but the allegations are treated as true.

"Our licensees must follow all of the rules and laws that govern the cannabis industry," said CRA spokesman David Harns. "Untagged marijuana products and the inability to provide video footage is simply unacceptable.”

In Michigan, it's illegal for cannabis businesses to have any marijuana product without a batch number or identification tag or label. The company must also keep surveillance recordings for a minimum of 30 days, except in instances of investigation or inspection by the agency, in which case the licensee shall retain the recordings until the time as the agency notifies the licensee that the recordings may be destroyed.

Surveillance recordings are subject to CRA inspection and must be kept in a manner that allows the agency to view and obtain copies of the recordings immediately upon request.

The House of Mary Jane facility is located at 19154 James Couzens in Detroit. The suspension begins 10 days after the effective date of the order.

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