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WeedTube Adds Social Media Platform, Pipeline

Pipeline is an age-gated 18+ platform to market directly to adults.

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WeedTube, the video-sharing app developed in 2018 as a response to the strict censorship of marijuana content from YouTube, has expanded the User Experience to include a full social media suite in an update called Pipeline. Pipeline is an 18+ social network where users can post pictures, short videos, text updates, links or articles pertaining to marijuana, mushrooms (psilocybin), and other plant-based medical therapies without the risk of deletion.

As the U.S. and other countries continue to rapidly change drug laws, Pipeline offers an expansive online community to engage and discuss the previously-taboo topic without content warnings or bans like YouTube and Instagram. Pipeline was designed without a profit-driven algorithm to sell products or divert attention, but rather to foster connections about the use of marijuana and other mood-altering plants.

Pipeline is an age-gated 18+ platform to market directly to adults, allowing for more creativity and flexibility in advertising and what products can be advertised.

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