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Colo. Tax Revenue, Sales Figures Dip

Marijuana sales in August lagged July by more than $3 million.

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The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) has released August 2022 marijuana sales figures and September 2022 marijuana tax and fee revenue figures.

In September, the state generated $26,370,669 in marijuana tax and fee revenue. That is down from August 2022 which reached $27,032,644.

This year, the state has generated $251,680,192 in total revenue. Since February 2014, the state raised more than $2.2 billion in revenue.

Marijuana sales in August 2022 reached $150,439,525, which lagged July 2022 by more than $3 million.

Both marijuana sales and tax revenue have continued to slide in 2022.

The figures come from Colorado's state accounting system. Tax revenue comes from the state sales tax (2.9%) on marijuana sold in stores, the state retail marijuana sales tax (15%) on retail marijuana sold in stores and the state retail marijuana excise tax (15%) on wholesale sales/transfers of retail marijuana.

Fee revenue comes from marijuana license and application fees.

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