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Petalfast Welcomes Premium Cannabis Brand Wonderbrett

Wonderbrett joins a growing portfolio of brands represented by Petalfast.


Petalfast, a route-through-market platform for the cannabis industry, announced its partnership with Wonderbrett, a West Coast cannabis brands known for its genetics, exotic terpene profiles and pioneering cultivation techniques.

Wonderbrett joins a growing portfolio of brands represented by Petalfast throughout the state of California and nationwide.

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Wonderbrett’s roots trace back to 1997 when co-founder Brett Feldman began growing the legendary West Coast strain, OG Kush. By 1999, Feldman had established himself as an elite grower in the Los Angeles scene, providing cannabis to some of the most prominent artists in the music industry, including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Xzibit.

In 2014, Brett decided to bring his stains to the masses, launching Wonderbrett in partnership with his friend, Cameron Damwijk. Wonderbrett products are designed and engineered in a state-of-the-art facility by a team of experts, utilizing custom irrigation systems that integrate advanced technology with time-tested cultivation methods to create small-batch, craft-style cannabis at scale.

In addition to flower, Wonderbrett’s signature strains are available in live resin cartridges and solventless rosin fruit chews to appeal to a variety of consumer needs. Utilizing the highest quality glass tanks with ceramic atomizers and tips, the company’s distillate-free, 100% live resin cartridges include real terpenes and zero additives to deliver the same full-bodied flavors fans have come to expect from the brand.

Wonderbrett’s solventless rosin fruit chews offer six curated pairings of premium cannabis made with 100% real fruit puree imported from France to provide a potent and uniquely flavorful edible experience. The vegan- and gluten-free fruit chews are all-natural, containing zero artificial ingredients or preservatives and are available in strain-specific varieties: Pineapple OG, Melon OG, Orange Banana, Papaya, Strawberry Bliss and Peach OZ.

The addition of Wonderbrett comes amidst significant growth for Petalfast, which in recent months announced its expansion into the Michigan, Massachusetts and Arizona markets, as well as new partnerships with AIRO Brands, Auntie Aloha, Bloom Brands, Consensus Holdings, Legion of Bloom and Life Cannabis Co.

Since its 2020 launch in California, Petalfast has built a portfolio of cannabis brands to highlight the most creative product offerings and help both emerging and growing brands sell into and through retail channels in competitive markets.

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