Petalfast Partners With Eagle Eyes Transport

For secure cannabis distribution in Massachusetts.


Petalfast, a route-through-market platform for the cannabis industry, announced its partnership with Eagle Eyes Transport Solutions, LLC, Massachusetts' first licensed third-party cannabis transporter and logistics specialist for adult-use and medical cannabis.

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Through this partnership, Eagle Eyes Transport will supply Petalfast’s growing brand portfolio with full-service transport, distribution, warehousing and fulfillment services in the state.

Petalfast launched its sales and retail engagement services in Massachusetts this year, offering their award-winning brands, manufacturers and cultivation partners opportunities for new market expansion, new store distribution and engagement at the retail level to maximize sell-through.

As Petalfast’s preferred supply chain partner, Eagle Eyes Transport can support brand production and manufacturing needs for the company’s clients in the state.

With Eagle Eyes Transport, Petalfast brands and retailers will have access to the company’s logistics and regulatory compliance expertise and receive safe, reliable and punctual transportation services.

The partnership includes large wholesale and retail deliveries, warehouse storage and fulfillment, sample deliveries to testing facilities, secure cash transport and depositing services, waste disposal, and fresh frozen deliveries using refrigerated units and freezer box trucks.

“Our goal is to be a one-stop, trusted solution, allowing businesses to focus on their core mission of producing the finest quality cannabis products while we work to guarantee their bottom line,” Eagle Eyes Transport Co-CEO Raphael Richter said. “We transport over $120 million in product annually throughout Massachusetts."

The Eagle Eyes partnership comes amidst significant growth for Petalfast, which in recent months announced its expansion into the Massachusetts, Michigan and Arizona markets, as well as new partnerships with Wonderbrett, AIRO Brands, Auntie Aloha, Bloom Brands, Consensus Holdings, Legion of Bloom and Life Cannabis Co.

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