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Meta Slightly Loosens its Cannabis Advertising Policies

Marketers will now have more wiggle room for advertising CBD and other hemp-based products.

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Meta, Facebook's parent company, is renaming its advertising policy Hemp & Related Products to CBD & Related Products and allowing the promotion of legally permissible, non-ingestible CBD in the U.S., with some restrictions.

Under the new policy advertisers don’t need written permission to run ads that:

  • Promote or offer the sale of hemp products that don’t contain CBD or >0.3% THC (e.g. hemp seed and hemp fiber) in Canada, Mexico and the United States, provided that they comply with all applicable local laws, required or established industry codes and guidelines
  • Educate, advocate, or give public service announcements related to CBD and related products provided that such ads don’t offer any prohibited products for sale

Advertisers will continue to be prohibited from running ads that promote THC products or cannabis products containing related psychoactive components.

Additionally, advertisers can only run ads that promote or offer the sale of CBD products that don’t contain more than 0.3% THC as long as they are:

  • Certified with Legitscript
  • Have written permission from Meta
  • Comply with all applicable local laws required or established industry codes and guidelines.

Further, ads for CBD products must not target people under 18 years of age and are only allowed in the U.S.

Products subject to Meta’s policy on Prescription Drugs are not subject to these updates, and advertisers of such products must continue to comply with the Prescription Drugs policy.

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