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Leafly, Greenline Launch New Integration for Canadian Cannabis POS Customers

Retailers can eliminate the need to manage multiple dashboards.

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Leafly and GetGreenline ULC (Greenline), a BLAZE company, a Canadian-compliant cannabis retail point-of-sale (POS) software, today announces an expanded partnership that will drive operational efficiencies for cannabis operators across Canada.

Greenline operates exclusively in Canada to help Canadian cannabis retailers stay compliant, get ahead of competitors, and thrive in the industry with easy-to-use inventory control tools and a compliance-focused marketplace of apps.

Known as the informed way to shop for cannabis, Leafly is a three-sided, content-first, marketplace that connects cannabis shoppers to local licensed retailers and brands in the U.S. and Canada. In 2022, the platform averaged 8 million monthly active users.

With this new integration, retailers can eliminate the need to manage multiple dashboards. Leafly pickup and delivery orders will now seamlessly sync to the Greenline POS system – saving time and increasing operational efficiency.

Other key features of the integration include:

  • Real-Time Menu Sync: Retailers can seamlessly sync their menus to their Leafly profiles in real-time. This feature ensures that the retailer's Leafly profile features the most up-to-date inventory and product details.
  • Unified Sales Data: Gone are the days of manually compiling sales data from different sources. With Greenline's integration into the POS system, all sales data will now reside within one centralized location. Retailers can gain a holistic view of their sales performance, facilitating better decision-making and improved business insights.
  • Enhanced Order Management: Greenline presents orders in a single view, simplifying the intake process for staff. This feature improves in-store operational processes, reducing potential errors, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

The Leafly-Greenline integration will be rolled out to hundreds of retailers across Canada over the coming months, with support and training offered to ensure a seamless transition for all retailers.

Retailers interested in improving their operations and increasing their revenue streams can visit here to learn more about the Leafly and Greenline integration.

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