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FundCanna to Pay for National Cannabis Industry Association Memberships

FundCanna said it is the first company to back the cannabis trade group at this level.

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FundCanna, the provider of capital to businesses throughout the cannabis sector, announces today a partnership with the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), the largest cannabis trade organization, to cover the NCIA membership costs for their next 100 customers, a $100,000 value. The company has also elevated its own membership to the Evergreen level, a significant investment in the trade organization.

This commitment from FundCanna to NCIA will support the work needed to advance cannabis policy, reduce the heavy tax burden on cannabis companies and ensure that the industry’s voice is heard at the federal, state and municipal levels.

“Our partnership with the NCIA is a win for both cannabis businesses and the industry as a whole," said Adam Stettner, Founder and CEO of FundCanna. “Through FundCanna, cannabis companies get the access to capital that they need to grow and operate their businesses and now they will also receive a subsidized membership to the NCIA which both amplifies their voices and provides them a seat at the table for some of the most important discussions and decisions that are facing our industry. We believe this commitment to the cannabis industry, our clients and NCIA will lead to more positive momentum for cannabis policy reform across the country."

FundCanna said it is the first company to back the cannabis trade group at this level. By funding memberships for their clients to NCIA, FundCanna hopes to enable more cannabis businesses to have a seat at the table for important policy discussions with the proper stakeholders.

“FundCanna has doubled down on its commitment to the cannabis industry,” said Aaron Smith, CEO of NCIA. “With pending cannabis legislation and more states passing cannabis legalization measures every year, NCIA’s work is more important than ever, and we welcome FundCanna and its clients to support and advocate for the cannabis policy reform NCIA is championing. This financial commitment and the additional members and their voices will make a significant difference in our progress toward advancing many of the initiatives that matter most to cannabis businesses nationwide. These include SAFER Banking, ensuring federal rescheduling doesn’t upend the industry, and much more including our efforts to eventually make cannabis legal from coast to coast.”

This program applies to the first 100 cannabis companies that fund with FundCanna as a new client beginning Nov. 15th, 2023.

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