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Sunderstorm Announces High-Dose, Fast-Acting Chocolates

Each bite features 4mg of THC paired with terpenes, coactives and key cannabinoids.

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LOS ANGELES — Sunderstorm's award-winning edibles brand continues to innovate with KANHA Minis, the first infused chocolate to deliver high dosage and fast activation in bite-sized pieces.

Available in three delicious options – FLY, GROOVE and FLOAT – each blissful bite features 4mg of THC paired with terpenes, coactives and key cannabinoids that help consumers pick their vibe.

"With more than two years of testing, research and development, I'm proud to finally share our latest breakthrough, KANHA Minis," says Cameron Clarke, Co-founder and CEO of Sunderstorm, the parent company of KANHA. "As the original creators of fast-acting gummies, we've formulated a new way to experience a clean high through our delicious, shareable chocolate bites. Each mini is meticulously formulated by doctors, undergoes triple lab testing and offers a unique, consistent effect, setting a new standard in the world of edibles."

These one-of-a-kind chocolates, which require a 120-hour production process over six days, offer three distinct curated experiences. For a quick way to energize and uplift, FLY features a 2:1 ratio of sativa THC and THCv with a touch of green tea. For more balanced vibes, GROOVE helps you find your rhythm with a 2:1 ratio of hybrid THC and CBC. Those looking to relax will find their chill mode activator in FLOAT, featuring a 2:1 ratio of indica THC and CBG. Each recyclable package contains 25 bite-sized chocolates and 100 total milligrams of THC, and all three formulas are perfect for dosing on-the-go.

Made with velvety rich Belgian chocolate, Minis feature a hard-shell coating that prevents the chocolate from melting in your hands. Advanced nanotech adds fast-acting effects and the most complete cannabinoid absorption available today, and its superior absorption provides a much cleaner high. Designed as the ideal treat to share the moment, each Mini packs convenience, taste and efficacy into tiny, powerful bites.

KANHA, best known for its award-winning gummies, made its chocolate debut last summer with S'mores, a limited-edition treat that quickly sold out in many dispensaries. Having provided a taste of what the brand could do with chocolate, KANHA Minis manifest its full potential with chocolate adventures that inspire youthful nostalgia and authentic experiences.

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