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S3 Collective Announces Research, Standards Advisory Committee

The panel aims to develop an open dialogue about the needs and challenges facing the industry and government.

S3 Collective
S3 Collective

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — S3 Collective, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry through collaboration, education and standardization, is proud to announce the formation of its Governmental Advisory Committee.

This committee supports S3 Collective's mission to converge scientific research and standards to build an objective global framework that enhances the quality and safety of cannabinoid-containing products.

The GAC is established to provide a forum for former and current government officials to engage in open dialogue about the needs and challenges facing the industry and government. By bringing together key stakeholders, the GAC will provide invaluable perspectives that S3 Collective can integrate into its work, promoting harmonization of standards, science, and safety aspects of the cannabis and hemp industries.

The inaugural members of this GAC include Tyler Klimas, former Executive Director of the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board, and Christina Dempsey, former Policy & Research Director of the California Department of Cannabis Control. Their expertise and experience will be instrumental in guiding the committee's efforts.

"Christina and Tyler bring a wealth of experience that positions them as thoughtful, knowledgeable, and constructive participants in matters of public policy and public health," said David Vaillencourt, chair of S3 Collective. "Their careers dedicated to cannabis policy and compliance make their guidance invaluable. Their involvement underscores our commitment to bridging the gap between industry standards and regulatory expectations."

This announcement builds on the S3 Collective's recent acceptance into the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Network of Experts (NoE) program. This initiative furthers S3 Collective's ongoing commitment to public health and safety by providing rapid access to external scientific, clinical, and medical expertise that will further enhance the agency's existing knowledge base.

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