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The Cannabis Research Coalition Will Pay You to Smoke Joints for Science

The study will focus on cultivation and processing metrics that enhance "smokeability."

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DaySavers, a pre-rolled cone and rolling paper brand, announced its partnership with the Cannabis Research Coalition and The Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP) on a study called The Science of Smokeability (SOS), which is looking to pay people to smoke pre-rolls for science. SOS is a more than two year series of scientific experiments focusing on analyzing cultivation and processing metrics to evaluate which variables produce the most pleasant and least harmful smoking experience.

Currently, cannabis is cultivated to maximize yield and cannabinoid content. No study to date has ever evaluated how cultivation practices or post-harvest processing impact the smokeability of the final product. The SOS study promises to contribute significantly to the evolution of the cannabis industry by providing actionable insights that link cultivation and manufacturing practices to consumer experiences. This research not only has the potential to improve product quality and consistency, but also promote sustainability, profitability, and a deeper scientific understanding of cannabis as a medicinal and recreational product.

The study is currently taking place over the course of two years, integrating controlled laboratory data from smoking experiments with consumer research about smoking experience with different variables. The variables that will be studied include variations in mineral content, nutritional content (flushing), nitrosamines (potential carcinogens), moisture content, and the overall effect on ash color, smoke composition, and smoke quality.

Pre-rolls will be distributed to participants in selected phases of the study to gather qualitative feedback. DaySavers will be paying $4.20 to 200 randomly selected individuals, who will receive 2 free pre-rolls and be asked to fill out a qualitative survey comparing the 2 joints. Those interested in smoking pre-rolls for science and getting paid for their participation can sign up here. Individuals not selected as part of the 200 randomly selected participants can still participate in the study through various surveys throughout the study.

The study is being conducted by qualified researchers from various organizations including The Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC), an academic cultivation research group that is developing advanced cultivation techniques aimed at optimizing yield and quality of medicinal cannabis, and The Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP), a nonprofit organization focusing on providing quality cannabis materials and tracking the experience of users. Dr. Allison Justice and Dr. Markus Roggen, two of the top researchers on the study, came together in 2021 for their groundbreaking work in exploring the hypotheses behind the color change of ash in cannabis smoking, sparking widespread interest and discussion. The SOS study has also partnered with Controlled Chemistry, experts in cannabis smoke and inhalation studies for cannabis, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

The first phase of findings are expected to be published in the coming months and will demonstrate how to optimize cultivation metrics to save time, money, and resources and enhance product quality. The first phase aims to foster greater brand loyalty and improve sustainable growing methods that maximize profitability for growers. Moreover, many states are hesitant to permit smokable flower due to uncertainties about the substances produced in cannabis smoke. The findings from the SOS study will be shared with ASTM Cannabis, an organization that establishes widely recognized industry standards, and will provide regulators with a solid basis for informed cannabis policy decisions.

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