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Wyld Taps TIPA for Compostable Cannabis Packaging

It meets the state-dependent regulations on the packaging of legal edibles products.

Wyld Individual Wrapping

TIPA and Wyld today announced their partnership to use compostable packaging for Wyld's cannabis edibles in the North American Market. 

Wyld will use TIPA’s 608 home compostable laminate – which was recently brought to North America for local production – to produce individual wrapping for Wyld’s edibles as well as pouches and bags for outer parcels. In 2024, Wyld will market products across the U.S. and Canada packaged in TIPA’s laminate. 

The laminate is two-ply and runs on most conventional plastic packaging machinery; it possesses a high oxygen and moisture barrier for extended shelf-life for various packed goods. Furthermore, it meets the state-dependent regulations on the packaging of legal edibles products, with child-resistant seals and highly transparent and white consistencies in a range of thicknesses. It is also TUV OK Home Compost certified, meaning it can be discarded in home composters where it will break down into nutrient-rich soil, leaving behind zero waste.

With this move, TIPA enters a new market segment, on the heels of its recent expansion for the local North American production of compostable packaging for the fashion and food industries. It represents the latest step in Wyld’s continued journey to transition all of its petroleum-based plastic packaging to compostables. 

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