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5 Minutes with CEN: The Mini Weigher Can Fill 30 Bags Per Minute

And it works well with all options for final packaging.

High Tek's Mini Weigher is well known in the cannabis industry, particularly for its ability to pair with automated bagging and jarring systems. According to Jeremy Peterson, High Tek's service manager, all options for final packaging work well with the Mini Weigher, whether placed above a bagger to fill Mylar bags or above an automatic jarring line. Peterson calls it "the perfect system" because it can work in tandem with other equipment brands. He also says it's the "most accurate unit on the market." 

The Mini Weigher can also help cannabis operators save on labor. For example, a hand packer is lucky to fill six packages per minute, according to Peterson. The Mini Weigher can fill 30 bags per minute. 

Peterson also boasts High Tek's in-stock inventory, which will improve turnaround time. Including installation and training, he says systems are ready to ship in three to four weeks. 

High Tek will exhibit at the MJBizShow in Las Vegas, from November 28, 2023, through December 1, 2023. Visit them at Booth #3437. 

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