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Format-Adjusting Cartoner Reduces Energy Consumption by More Than 20%

The new CH 4 Cartoner can produce up to 120 cartons per minute.

The CH 4 cartoning machine from IWK Packaging Systems.
The CH 4 cartoning machine from IWK Packaging Systems.

IWK Packaging Systems (Parsippany, NJ), a manufacturer of cartoning and tube filling equipment, has introduced the CH 4, a modular, horizontal cartoning machine engineered to meet increased demand for the packaging of tubes, blisters, pouches, vials and other delicate containers. Features include:

  • Intermittent-motion or continuous motion, with the flexibility to handle carton opening from either direction.
  • Advanced servo motors that help produce up to 120 cartons per minute. 
  • Gentle product handling.
  • 10-minute format changeovers.
  • Easy cleaning. 
  • Adaptable to a range of applications and cartoning specifications. 
  • cGMP-guaranteed, floorspace-conscious equipment. 
  • The ability to form and fill cartons from 50-230mm in length, 15-160mm in width and 15-100mm in height. 

The cartoner delivers cost-effective regeneration by applying the energy gained through recuperation directly back into the production of the cartons. This results in a 21% overall reduction in energy consumption.

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