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Hemp Processor May Retrofit Old Vermont Grain Mill

The mill's operations date to 1789.

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Zion Growers hopes to renovate an old Vermont grain mill into an industrial hemp processing facility.

Located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, the E.T. & H. K. Ide Mill has been a historic site within the community for more than 100 years.

The mill's operations date to 1789 and it has been in the Ide family since 1813. The current owner, Tim Ide, is the great-grandson of the company's founder.

Zion Growers has an option to purchase the property from the Ide family. 

Once a formidable grain distributor, the E.T. & H.K. Ide silo remains one of the tallest structures in the town.

According to the Caledonian Record, Travis Samuels, Zion's chief operations officer, said the proposed facility wouldn';tbe used for making any cannabis products or for growing plants β€” only processing and storing hemp.

According to the company's website, Zion partners with small business owners that use the company's crops to manufacture various products.

The local review board's approval is contingent on the mill being used for industrial hemp and installing a charcoal air filtration system for odor control.

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