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GreenBroz Unveils Automated Cannabis Trimming System

The M+ allows a processing rate of 30 pounds per hour.

Green Broz M Trimming System

GreenBroz, a provider of post-harvest cannabis processing technology, announced an updated version of its M+ Trimming System, what the company's calling the first fully automated trimming system on the market.

Designed to yield a better user experience and productivity, this solution combines the Model M Dry Trimmer with the Rise Conveyor with intelligent controls to automate the movement of cannabis through the machine.

The M+ allows a processing rate of 30 pounds per hour. The system integrates several features including metered feeding of the Rise Conveyor, automatic doors for unloading the product, and programmable custom recipes for strains.

"This is the most hands-off trimmer we've ever produced. From its modular layout to an array of automatic features, the M+ loads itself, runs the desired recipe, and then unloads itself. It is designed with efficiency in mind," said Cullen Raichart, CEO of GreenBroz.

The M+ operates using GreenBroz's patented rolling blades that don't damage trichomes or over-trim flower. Human touchpoints are minimized, eliminating contamination risk and ensuring consistency. Made from surgical stainless steel and food-grade materials to prevent microbial growth, this machine reduces cleaning time and ensures it meets GMP standards.

Key Features:

  • The Digital HMI touch screen allows programming of specific parameters to create recipes that lead to consistency in products.
  • Programmable and custom recipes can accommodate various cultivars, ensuring the machine produces the same results time after time.
  • Automatic loading and unloading for true hands-free operation.

The system has a modular design and can fit into any workspace. It can be combined with other GreenBroz equipment such as Precision Sorter or Model G Precision Grinder to create complete end-to-end solutions.

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