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UC Riverside Establishes Center for Cannabinoid Research

The UCRCCR will provide a place for unbiased research into cannabinoids.

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The University of California Riverside has established the new Center for Cannabinoid Research to study the impacts of cannabis use on health and disease.

Nicholas V. DiPatrizio, an associate professor in UCR’s School of Medicine, will direct the new center. He said the UCRCCR will provide a place for unbiased research into cannabinoids.

“UCRCCR embraces a holistic approach to cannabinoid research. To understand how cannabis use impacts health and disease, we must first identify the biology of the endocannabinoid system and how it controls bodily function. Our team of researchers are uniquely positioned for success in this area given our broad range of expertise in the biomedical and clinical sciences,” he said.

The UCRCCR will employ scientists, clinicians and trainees and will serve as a central hub for collaborative studies aimed at “improving our understanding of roles for the endocannabinoid system in health and disease, and the impact that cannabis use has on these processes.”

“This system, which is hijacked by chemicals in the cannabis plant, is present in every organ of the body and controls nearly every physiological function, from metabolism to pleasure. As such, this work requires a highly multi-disciplinary approach, which is inherent in our participating faculty’s research programs and will ensure success at the interface of translating cannabinoid-related biomedical knowledge to clinical application,” said DiPatrizio.

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