Cannabix Quantifies Marijuana Breath Samples from Maryland Green Lab

The samples were analyzed by third-party location.

Fig 1 Cannabix At North Louisiana Crime Lab

Cannabix Technologies, developer of marijuana and alcohol breath testing devices, said analysis results from the collection of breath samples from a recent “green lab” testing day in Montgomery County, Maryland were successfully analyzed (with delta-9 THC detected and quantified from breath samples after smoking and edibles consumption) at a third-party location for the first time.

Breath samples taken on January 3, 2024 during the Maryland green lab held by the Montgomery County Police Department were shipped to the North Louisiana Criminalistics Laboratory (NLCL), based in Shreveport, LA for analysis. The company said this represents the first time such quantification analysis, with human breath samples, collected and analyzed with Cannabix’s proprietary laboratory-based marijuana detection equipment, has been successfully conducted outside of Cannabix’s own labs.

Samples were analyzed roughly 48 hours after collection and no obvious adverse effects related to storing or shipping were observed during the analysis process. The calibration curve acquired prior to analysing samples at the NLCL lab was similar to those used at the Company’s Burnaby, BC lab location.

The company’s handheld Breath Collection Unit and newly developed laboratory “MS Breath Sampler” are being used together to provide a new method for drug detection that complements gold-standard mass spectrometry (MS) and significantly simplifies laboratory analysis methods, reduces sample turnaround times (thus minimizing operating costs), while maintaining sensitive, precise results.

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