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All Walks Launches Kitty Litter Made from Industrial Hemp

The company also launched hemp-based bedding for chicken coops.

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All Walks

All Walks announced the launch of their latest product – All Walks Hemp Litter, which the company said is farmed, not mined, biodegradable, chemical-free, and additive-free.

“While our current award-winning products have been focused on small pet and chicken environment and absorption, we are excited to bring these benefits now to cats and their owners with our new Hemp Litter,” said Gregg Gnecco, Director of Brands and Marketing for All Walks and IND HEMP. “Every one of our products begins on a family-owned farm and manufactured in rural communities. With our recent innovations in hemp bioplastics and hemp textiles, All Walks is on the path to bring sustainable products and solutions to all aisles of the pet store and beyond.”      

In addition to the launch of All Walks Litter, the company introduces the new All Walks Hemp Coop Combo for chickens and other fowl that provides poultry owners and their flocks 70 liters of hemp hurd coop-sized bedding, and a six-pack of hemp fiber nesting mats in one convenient combo pack. Hemp bedding is more than four times as absorbent as wood fibers and will not break down into muck when saturated. This provides for easier cleaning along with better odor control and more time between cleanings. Unlike wood fiber bedding or mats with harsh acids or tannins, the neutral PH of hemp bedding and fiber allows it to be upcycled immediately to be added to soil for use in gardens and compost.

“All Walks was created to use the multi-faceted power of industrial hemp to care for both the planet and the animals we love. As the most absorbent natural cellulose on the planet, when hemp hurd is used it lasts longer, has better odor control and is easier to clean than other alternatives,” said Gnecco. “Our products are made from industrial hemp stalks grown on American farms, creating regenerative crop rotation benefiting the soil and the families who nurture them. From the soil to the shelf, we’re committed to the best practices, processes, and packaging for our customers.”

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