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BudSense Debuts Order Receive Report to Simplify Cannabis Product Knowledge

Traditionally, dispensaries have employed various methods to communicate new product information to their teams.

Order Review In Store

The pace of the cannabis industry is relentless. Keeping up with the never-ending stream of new cannabis products can be a daunting task for dispensary frontline staff, especially those who are part-time. Ensuring budtenders stay informed about the latest offerings in an industry characterized by its ever-evolving product offering can often feel like an uphill battle. Recognizing this challenge, BudSense, a leading merchandising solution for cannabis retailers offering digital, web, and print menus, is proud to announce the launch of its automated solution, the 'Order Receive Report,' streamlining product knowledge creation and dissemination for budtenders.

Traditionally, dispensaries have employed various methods to communicate new product information to their teams, ranging from emails to binder updates. However, these methods often require significant manual effort and can become cumbersome to manage over time. Not to mention keeping management from other high-value tasks they could be doing. Listening to their customers' challenges, BudSense has developed the 'Order Receive Report' as a simple yet effective automotive solution to address this issue.

"One of the more recent features that I've really enjoyed, and one that I found a lot of benefit from not just for myself, but for the rest of the team, are the order to review reports," said Jeff Usherwood, at Farmer Jane, a multi-store operator in Canada. "It's a small little quality of life update with a lot of impact I think in store for staff, and kind of, what that translates over to the customer experience as well."

By efficiently distributing critical product information to frontline staff, Farmer Jane can ensure their team remains well-informed and equipped to provide exceptional customer service. This enhances internal processes and fosters a more seamless and enjoyable purchasing journey for customers, ultimately driving satisfaction and loyalty.

BudSense offers a comprehensive platform beyond mere menus, encompassing a range of diverse features such as Smart Playlists, Badges and Labels, and Smart Filters. These elements provide customers with easily understandable information, guiding their cannabis journey and enhancing their purchasing experience. By seamlessly integrating the 'Order Receive Report' into BudSense's suite of tools, dispensaries can optimize their operations and propel customer satisfaction to unprecedented levels.

Key features of the 'Order Receive Report' include:

  • Automated delivery of product information directly to frontline staff.

  • Location-specific customization to cater to the unique needs of each dispensary.

  • Seamless integration with existing workflows, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

BudSense invites dispensaries to explore the advantages of the 'Order Receive Report' and improve the process of ensuring that their dispensary's voice—budtenders—are kept informed about the ever-changing product offerings.

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