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Bladeless Trimmer Tumbles Buds to Save Trichomes

The tumblers use food-grade plastic, so the resin doesn't stick and the cleanup is pretty painless.

Tom Bruggemann is the president and CEO of Tom's Tumbler. Bruggemann invented a bladeless, wet and dry trimmer that allows buds to tumble in a gentle environment. The tumbler is quiet, maintenance free, and doesn't lose many trichomes in the process.

According to Bruggemann, the maintenance on metal machines can be a nightmare. Because his tumblers use nylon, food-grade plastic, the resin doesn't stick and the cleanup is pretty painless. 

Customers have recently asked for a high-volume industrial cannabis trimmer using his patented technology, so Bruggemann invented the Python, a continuous-feed trimmer and separator that can be used in the both the cannabis and hemp industries.

In this exclusive interview with Cannabis Equipment News (CEN), Bruggemann discusses:

  • The 1900 Dry Trimmer, Separator and Pollen Extraction System, which trims two pounds every five-to-eight minutes.  
  • The 2200, which trims two-to-four pounds  every five-to-eight minutes. 
  • The 2600, which trims six pounds every five-to-eight minutes. 
  • The Python Industrial Trimmer and Processor, which trims 300-350 pounds per hour. 
  • After processing, each bud is 80-85 percent trimmed.

Bruggemann also discusses how he got his start in the industry, as well as his time spent as a Hollywood stuntman

Cannabis Equipment News (CEN) was in San Jose, CA for the 6th Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo to speak with equipment manufacturers about new technology.

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is presented by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). More than 10,000 attendees visited 400 exhibitors and heard from 150 speakers at the show, and everyone was talking cannabis regulation, legalization and manufacturing.

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