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Teamsters: Companies Are Taking Advantage of Cannabis Workers

How unions are helping cannabis workers turn their day jobs into careers.

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The cannabis industry now supports more than 400,000 jobs in the United States. Still, it's a new industry experiencing a groundswell of union organizing efforts to help make sure employees receive good pay and benefits in a quality career.

The Teamsters Local 777 in Illinois noticed that cannabis workers, particularly in dispensaries, love their jobs but they weren't sustainable careers, and the industry is experiencing high turnover. While cannabis workers are more passionate and loyal to the industry, they are typically younger, so the Teamsters couldn't ignore them when they started to reach out for help. 

In this episode, Jim Glimco, Teamsters Local 777 president, Christopher Smith, business agent at Teamsters Local 777 and Alex Suarez, cannabis agent at Ascend Wellness in Chicago, discuss: 

  • How unions are helping cannabis workers.
  • Fighting against anti-union sentiment and union-busting efforts.
  • Why younger workers are drawn to unionization.
  • How unions can help with contract negotiations to improve wages, benefits, working conditions and workplace safety. 
  • Success stories from an employee with boots on the ground.

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