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Dan Grim: Mobile Manufacturing Can Solve Cannabis Beverage Industry's Logistical Problems

Shaking up the cannabis co-packing industry with a coast-to-coast mobile contract manufacturing operation.

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About ten years ago, Dan Grim was working in the corporate world when he started reflecting on his legacy. He thought he could make a bigger impact on the world, and amidst his brainstorming, he drove to MJBizCon. He was so excited by what he witnessed in the fledgling cannabis market that he spent the entire ride home writing his new business plan.

Grim has been in the cannabis beverage game since 2015. In 2017, he launched Good Stuff Beverage Co., which has received accolades for the company's lemonade mixers.

The road to success in the cannabis beverage industry has been challenging, and Grim admits that he had plenty of opportunities to quit. Still, he has persevered, and the beverage industry looks poised for a breakthrough.

Grim says cannabis beverage is the fastest-growing segment in the industry, but it's still new. For example, the category recently experienced a large spike, from 0.5% total dispensary spend to 1.1%. Grim looks forward to the day the vertical hits the 5% mark.

Part of the problem for upstart beverage brands is a dearth of quality co-packers or contract manufacturers. So, this year, Grim launched Good Stuff Manufacturing, a mobile cannabis beverage manufacturing operation that brings turnkey operations to your doorstep.

In this episode, Grim discusses:

  • His manufacturing methods that ensure quality and consistency
  • Current problems with co-packers
  • The threat of Big Soda's market entry
  • The logistical challenges with mobile bottling
  • His approach to taste, flavor and potency
  • The risk of using "real" ingredients

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