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Bong Auction Comes Up Short

California was looking to recoup unpaid taxes.

California’s recent efforts to recoup unpaid taxes from cannabis businesses came up significantly short.

The state’s Department of Tax and Fee Administration recently seized items from businesses that collectively owed more than $14 million in taxes.

The CDTFA said nine were illegal cannabis businesses, and one was a legal dispensary with unpaid taxes.

“Seizing and auctioning property from cannabis businesses that evade the law is a tool to recover the taxes owed to the state,” said CDTFA Director Nick Maduros.

According to SFGate, seized items for sale included glass bongs, snow cone machines and assorted office supplies.

But as the North Bay Business Journal reports, the auction only brought in a little more than $2,000, a tiny fraction of the amount owed in delinquent taxes.

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