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Cannabis Journalist Scores Win Against Payment Platform Stripe

The platform handles payment processing for Substack.

Jackie Bryant, managing editor at San Diego Magazine, last week prevailed in a dispute with payment platform Stripe, which handles payment processing for Substack.

In a LinkedIn post, Bryant said Stripe closed the account associated with her newsletter, Cannabitch, for alleged violations of the terms of service agreement.

Bryant said the decision by Stripe would have cost her at least $5,000 a year in income and forced her to migrate her newsletter to a new platform.

β€œAnyone wanna write about this and how it keeps happening to ancillary businesses that ARE NOT REMOTELY plant-touching??” she asked in her post.

High Times reporter Clare Sausen did write about it and provided a more in-depth look at the TOS that Bryant allegedly violated.

Bryant said after being denied five times, Stripe somewhat unexpectedly relented and approved her account.

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