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Cannabis May Not Be Velkommen at Germany’s Oktoberfest

Despite the country's recent legalization.

The beer will flow freely at Germany’s Oktoberfest but cannabis may not be welcome at the festivities.

According to Forbes, the German state of Bavaria may look to ban consumption of cannabis in public spaces like the weeks-long beer festival in Munich.

This comes after Germany recently decided to legalize possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use.

The new law legalizes possession by adults of up to 25 grams and allows people to grow up to three plants in their homes.

But not all German states are excited about the new rules. Markus Söder, Minister-President of Bavaria, opposed legalization and said Bavaria won’t be a “stoner’s paradise.”

Bavaria carries cannabis-related fines for activities including consuming cannabis in unauthorized public spaces or activities related to advertising and distributing cannabis.

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