Kiva Secures Distribution Partnership with Compound Genetics

The deal will introduce Compound Flower to California.

Compound Genetics Product
Compound Genetics

Compound Genetics announced an exclusive partnership with Kiva Sales and Service (KSS) to launch Compound Flower into the California market. 

At launch, Compound Genetics will be releasing five signature strains: Jokerz31, Mellowz 8, Grapple Pie, Rainbow Cheddar and Red Bullz.

The initial drops will be featuring some of Compound Genetics' preferred partners and cultivators across California, and future limited release flower drops will allow the brand to showcase their best breeder-to-cultivator collaborations.

Through phenohunting, collecting and collaboration, Compound Genetics combine rare flavors.

"Our portfolio goal at KSS has always been to deliver best in class brands who combine quality, consistency and value," said Brooks Jorgensen, President of Kiva Sales and Service. "And Compound Genetics hits every single metric. We're thrilled at the opportunity to partner and to act as their exclusive distribution partner to bring Compound Flower into the California market."

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