Vapor Cartridge Promises More Efficient Cannabis Extraction

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Vapor Cartridge Technology, a cannabis production equipment company based in Minnesota, is promising a more efficient extraction process with its emerging technology.

The company, which is expecting its 8th patent soon, said it has invented a machine and a process for extracting the essential oils/resins from botanical plants and delivering a pure and exact dose of the extracted oils/resins as a consistently reliable precise inhalable vapor.

"It promises to be, far and away, the most cost-efficient manner to deliver cannabinoid vapors as measured by $/mg/ml of cannabinoids in the bloodstream. It will be the only technology that can provide the dose control, formulation control and purity assurance of inhaled botanical vapors required of an FDA approved drug. This technology will result in a paradigm shift in both the Medical and Recreational cannabis markets," the company wrote in a news release.

According to the company's website, the process involves thermal distillation and vaporizing acidic cannabinoids at a lower temperature. The company said it's also developed a method for converting the coated sheet substrate into a vapor cartridge.

Vapor Cartridge said it's currently seeking licensing opportunities for its new technology.

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