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ENTEXS Launches New Cold-Water Cannabis Extraction Systems

The ENTEXS CWE-Series is offered in three standard processing sizes.


ENTEXS Corporation, a California-based extraction technology and equipment manufacturer for the hemp and cannabis industries, expanded its line of extraction systems with the CWE-Series, officially debuting at the MJBIZCON Expo in Las Vegas.

The ENTEXS CWE-Series is offered in three standard processing sizes and provides customers with a high-quality, high-throughput, automated cold-water extraction solution without the need for consumable ice addition. Utilizing a large jacketed and insulated extraction vessel capable of processing from 100 to 400 pounds per batch of fresh frozen biomass, the CWE-Series features cold-water recirculation with triple-stage filtration, bottom-entry mixer agitation with flow-control baffles to optimize trichome separation, multi-stage collection filters with automated rinsing routines, bottom hatch with auto-discharge for spent biomass, and clean, cold RO supply water with closed-loop temperature control. The CWE-Series of extractors features ergonomic platforms for safe and easy access and service. Process parameters can be tailored to optimize extraction routines from the system HMI or remotely through an accompanying app.  

ENTEXS engineers, machines, and fabricates its complete processing solutions in the USA. The in-house capability allows the company to R&D innovative technologies and components for the most advanced extraction capabilities at an industrial scale. 

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