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ETS Designs Large Scale, Closed-Loop Hydrocarbon Extractors

From small mom-and-pop operations to large scale facilities, Matthew Ellis has 'seen it all' and overcome everything from competitor 'fear-peddling' to increasing safety regulation.

Matthew Ellis is the CEO of ExtractionTek Solutions (ETS), a company that has designed and manufactured large scale, closed-loop hydrocarbon extractors since 2011.

The company's Modular Extraction Platform (MeP) is unique because it has the versatility to use either butane or propane. For example, ETS's MeP can process 15 pounds of material in 52 minutes with propane, or 120 minutes using butane. 

Throughout his time in the industry, Ellis has "seen it all" from the small mom-and-pop operations to large scale facilities, and he's overcome a lot of adversity, from competitor "fear-peddling" to increasing safety regulation. 

Safety concerns were one of the reasons that Ellis got into the business; he watched friends burn down houses with unsafe equipment and he thought he could design a better, safer solution. 

Nowadays, the industry is much more knowledgeable, but ETS still offers certified installation and operation training programs to every ETS customer.

Cannabis Equipment News (CEN) was in San Jose, CA for the 6th Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo to speak with equipment manufacturers about new technology.

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is presented by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). More than 10,000 attendees visited 400 exhibitors and heard from 150 speakers at the show, and everyone was talking cannabis regulation, legalization and manufacturing.

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