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Cannaverse Claims to Have Built 'World's First Cannabis Metaverse'

Cannaland is a global platform.

Cannaland is a global platform.
Cannaland is a global platform.

Cannaverse Technologies is launching what it calls the world's first cannabis focused Metaverse, Cannaland, connecting facets of cannabis and hemp communities and creating a marketplace for current and future brands.

Using its experience in the blockchain, crypto, and cannabis industries, Cannaversetech has created a cannabis-themed community and meta marketplace where all aspects of socially responsible cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, retail sale, and consumption of cannabis and hemp products can be enjoyed by residents of the community.  Cannaland's Metaverse said it has an innovative approach to community building, revenue generation, and product marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising for cannabis brands looking to distinguish themselves in an increasingly crowded physical marketplace.

"With the recent exponential growth of the cannabis industry along with the growing popularity of crypto, tokens, and EFTs, right now is the perfect time to support the industry by providing them with the tools and marketplace to revolutionize the industry," said Cannaverse CEO Mark Bonner. "At Cannaversetech we saw the convergence of cannabis and crypto and are working to modernize the trade by addressing and resolving the existing gaps in the industry."

Cannaland is a global platform that enables businesses to operate virtually within one domain without boundaries and without the constraints of the localized regulations that exist. This opens the landscape for the globalization of current and future cannabis brands, while providing major consumer products, beverages, and other related products with a way to enter the virtual cannabis market and build their own brands.