CannaNova Launches to Focus on Rapid-Onset Cannabis Edibles


CannaNova today announced its formation to pursue the consumer cannabinoid space and used its DepoFilm technology to manufacture buccal consumer cannabinoid films.

“CannaNova is using DepofIlm technology to address the key challenges that consumer cannabinoid products face today. These include: slow onset, low bioavailability, and inconsistent bioavailability from patient to patient. We also believe many adult consumers prefer a non-confectionary format," said CannaNova CEO Joseph Fuisz. “We believe that rapid onset is particularly advantageous to allow adult consumers to enjoy consumer cannabinoids at the desired dose.  Slow onset is fundamentally at odds with dose titration. Too frequently, consumers take extra edibles while mistakenly confusing slow onset for having taken too small of a dose.”

The company's hemp-derived products will be sold in eight count child-resistant blister cards. The company said its DepoFilm technology will allow it make "compelling, highly brandable film shapes."

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