Brothers Partner to Make Automated Vape Cartridge Filling Equipment

Detroit Dispensing Solutions (DDS) is a Troy, Michigan-based manufacturer of automated vape cartridge filling equipment. The company was founded by Christopher and Michael Joseph, a pair of brothers from Bloomfield Hills, a small suburb north of Detroit.

Before founding the company in 2021, Chris spent more than seven years designing and building automation equipment for the automotive industry. Michael, an Oakland University graduate with a finance degree, worked in mortgage banking as an executive-level underwriter. 

The Joseph brothers saw a need for high-tech automation equipment in the up-and-coming cannabis industry, specifically dispensing technology. Their first vape cartridge filling prototype was built in their garage, though they soon moved to a licensed facility for testing. They have since used feedback from an extensive beta testing period and new customers to further refine and improve the unit. 

The brothers remain committed to supporting U.S.-based businesses. The bulk of DDS parts and components come from Michigan distributors, fabricators and machine shops. While the company initially targeted the local market, it has recently shifted nationwide, with recent installs in Colorado and California. 

"Seeing the pace at which this industry was evolving, we knew automation was inevitable in order for companies to stay competitive in this emerging market," said Christopher Joseph. "Having to move quickly without sacrificing our quality of work, we utilized our prior relationships with vendors/suppliers and surrounded ourselves with the right people to help us accomplish our goals."

In addition to cartridge filling, DDS is currently developing new machines for flower infusion and concentrate dispensing.

As part of the company's expansion efforts, DDS recently hired Andrew Wright, who has worked in the Michigan cannabis market since the 2018 legalization. Wright is focused on the business development side of the business.

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