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Redecan Cannabis Launches Holiday-Style Redees

The company's signature pre-rolls are getting an upgrade.

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TORONTO — Tilray Brands Inc. on Wednesday announced the launch of Redecan’s new Redees ‘Hemp’d’ pre-rolls, featuring its iconic 10 x 0.4g multi-packs with elevated new sustainable, ultra-thin, unbleached hemp paper and patented filter tips for improved airflow, a slower burn, and maximized flavor to bring out the consumer favorite strain profiles.

Redecan’s new Hemp’d line also includes its limited-edition "Redees Hemp’d Stocking Stuffers" featuring new festive filters just in time for the holiday season.

“Redecan’s ‘Redees’ have been a well-recognized staple amongst cannabis consumers since launching in 2019 in the Canadian market,” said Blair MacNeil, president, Tilray Canada. “Driven by consumer feedback for improved taste, Redecan’s signature pre-rolls have been revamped with its new hemp paper and filters to focus on the aromas and profiles from its new genetics. Along with a focus on hemp and sustainability across all brands, we’re excited to share that Redecan’s signature pre-rolls also lean into our efforts towards a greener future. With the limited-edition holiday offering to top it off, consumers can enjoy their favorite pre-rolls with a twist; We are proud to continue expanding our cannabis portfolio with exciting new innovations as we head into the new year.”

New Redecan Redees Hemp’d Stocking Stuffers

Wrapped for the holidays with a festive filter design, the limited edition Redees Hemp’d Stocking Stuffers include the same sustainable hemp paper designed for Redecan’s original Redees Hemp’d pre-roll line and has brand new genetics, featuring a fun, festive cross of Blueberry Donuts x Northern Lights, the Redees Hemp’d Stocking Stuffers are the perfect pre-roll gift packed with an extra potent THC with earthy, pepper, and pine flavors.

Redecan’s Original Hemp’d Pre-roll Line

Taking its signature straight-cut 10x0.4g pre-rolls to a new level, Redecan’s new ‘Hemp’d’ pre-roll line features the same sleek pre-rolls, upgraded with ultra-thin unbleached hemp paper and hemp filter tips for a more sustainable pre-roll option and overall, a better consumption experience. Earlier this fall, Redecan announced a limited-edition series of exclusive whole-flower cannabis genetics, including two high-quality strains, King Sherb and Animal RNTZ, meticulously cultivated by their master growers. Packed into the new Redees Hemp’d pre-rolls, King Sherb and Animal RNTZ are now available in the Hemp’d 10x0.4g multi-packs.

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