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MediPharm Labs Earns Brazil GMP Certification for Cannabis Facility

The ANVISA GMP means Brazilian patients can now purchase products which adhere to strict manufacturing processes.

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MediPharm Labs

MediPharm Labs, a pharmaceutical company specialized in cannabinoids, said it received GMP certification for its Barrie, Ontario facility from ANVISA, the governing body of Brazil's pharmaceutical industry. MediPharm Labs now has GMP certification from the United States FDA, European Union, Australia's TGA and holds a drug establishment license from Health Canada.

This ANVISA GMP certification inspection is the first of its kind for a purpose-built cannabis facility in North America and rare for a global GMP facility that manufactures botanical CBD and THC. The ANVISA GMP certification further solidifies MediPharm's position as a global leader in the development and production of pharmaceutical cannabinoids. The ANVISA GMP means Brazilian patients can now purchase products which adhere to strict manufacturing processes completed in an ANVISA-accredited facility. This distinction will provide further access to the Brazilian medical cannabis market as well as facilitate access to additional global markets that recognize MediPharm's growing list of pharmaceutical certifications.

The Brazilian medical cannabis market is expected to reach $380 million CAD in 2025, according to a 2023 report by industry observer Kaya Mind.  

MediPharm Labs currently manufactures two medical cannabis products with full ANVISA product authorization under Brazil's Resolution 327/19, which governs high-value prescription cannabis products in Brazil. Additional product authorizations are currently under review with ANVISA.

In addition to existing Brazilian customers, the company entered into a supply agreement with a top-tier generic pharmaceutical company in Brazil in July 2023. Since signing the agreement, the customer has applied to ANVISA for a number of MediPharm produced cannabis product marketing authorizations. The receipt of GMP certification is a key milestone and critical required element of the rigorous ANVISA Pharma product approval process.

The five-day in-person inspection, completed in December 2023, was initiated in relation to MediPharm's current medical cannabis product authorizations through its Brazilian customer base. A product authorization was only possible based on the Company's Health Canada pharmaceutical Drug Establishment License, product-specific GMP validation and various long-term stability studies.

The inspection focused on MediPharm's quality management system and manufacturing capabilities for finished goods in relation to ANVISA GMP regulations, which have an international pharmaceutical industry reputation of strict compliance. Following the inspection, MediPharm was presented with observations. MediPharm responded in writing to all observations via a voluntary corrective action plan. Our Brazilian clients and ANVISA accepted these actions, resulting in a compliant GMP status.

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