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Michigan Recalls Cannabis Pre-Rolls Due to Testing Violations

The products were not tested again after adding cannabis distillate and terpenes.

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Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) is recalling 1,098 units of infused pre-rolls produced by Flavor Galaxy.

In its investigation, the CRA discovered that Flavor Galaxy did not submit certain infused pre-rolls for testing in their final form. The statewide monitoring system (Metrc) indicated that the infused pre-rolls only had safety compliance testing for raw marijuana flower and potency and were not tested after Flavor Galaxy added cannabis distillate and/or terpenes to the product.

The CRA said consumers should discard or return these products to the marijuana sales location for proper disposal. Retailers have two options for the returned product and the product in their physical inventory: (1) discard/waste the product or (2) return the product to Flavor Galaxy LLC by repackaging, following the instructions in this bulletin.

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