Doctor Approved 20K Medical Marijuana Patients in 1 Year

A state appeals court upheld a two-year suspension of his license.

A Michigan physician will have his license suspended after approving more than 20,000 patients for state medical marijuana cards in a 12-month span.

A state licensing panel originally ordered a two-year suspension for Dr. Vernon Proctor, who practices in Baldwin, Michigan.

The case went to a state appeals court, which found no reason to alter the panel’s decision, the Associated Press reports.

Officials said Proctor approved 21,708 medical marijuana certifications in 2015 and 2016.

A medical expert told the court that it would be impossible to properly assess that volume of patients.

He would have needed to see 60 patients a day, seven days a week for an entire year.

Proctor reportedly disputed the final number of certifications, but acknowledged that it was “more than 1,000.”

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