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Wes Reynolds: Subpar Equipment Doesn't Help Anybody

This week, Wes Reynolds discusses his transition from 20-year Coca-Cola veteran to the head of Green Mill Supercritical, a company that specializes in CO2 extraction.

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This week, Wes Reynolds, president and CEO of Green Mill Supercritical, discusses his transition from 20-year Coca-Cola vet to the head of a company that specializes in carbon dioxide extraction.

Reynolds discusses why his company is fully invested in CO2 extraction and how, by the end of 2022, ethanol-free CO2 extraction stands to become the standard for all others to meet.

Green Mill recently released its outlook for the extraction industry in 2022, and while the industry has shown promise, it wasn't without its disappointments. For example, some companies make exaggerated product claims — and they may be in for a reckoning next year. 

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