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Paulo Sobral: Cannabis Beverages Will Be the Largest Consumer Segment

The biggest problem right now is that the industry doesn't have enough people focused on the category.

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This week, Paulo Sobral, a consultant at Drink Cannabis LLC, discusses why he left Pepsi in 2014 to join an upstart cannabis industry.

Sobral is a "cannabis beverage fanatic" focused on helping develop and market innovative products that change the way people consume cannabis. While Sobral was at the Hall of Flowers event in Palm Springs, California, he stepped away from the show to talk about why he left Pepsi's corporate environment and jumped into an industry he found more inspiring. 

His interest in cannabis beverages started in 2016 when he first tried Cannabis Quencher, which turned out to be his favorite. However, some of the 100 mg drinks available seven years ago were non-homogenous, with sediment at the bottom, oil at the top and they had a tasty roulette-style experience. Coming from Pepsi, he realized the industry needed more consistency to build a sustainable brand. 

Sobral believes cannabis beverages will be the largest consumer segment in the industry. They are more sessionable, which means more units are consumed. Plus, everybody drinks liquid, he says. The biggest problem right now is that the industry doesn't have enough people narrowly focused on the category. 

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