Michigan Man Busted for Cannabis Vending Machine

It's out of order now.

A Michigan man was arrested by the ATF for operating a vending machine stocked with cannabis and pills.

According to MLive, the machine was installed outside the man’s home in Detroit and brought in nearly $2,000 per day.

The accused owner, Marcellus Cornwell, said that he had been operating the machine for nearly four years.

ATF agents had made two previous purchases, a total of more than nine grams, from the vending machine before the arrest.

During the raid on March 16, agents also recovered 18 firearms including several that had been previously reported as stolen.

Cornwell, who lived at the residence with another man who worked as his employee, said he made most of his money from the vending machine.

Cornwell was released on bond but he has been banned from continuing to operate his vending machine.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Michigan but it can only be sold by a licensed dispensary.

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